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Expected Return ? The amount you want to invest, you can always add funds to your investment at any time.
Currency 1 day 1 week 1 month
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Estimated LVL & Percent ? The amount you want to invest, you can always add funds to your investment at any time.
GH/s Daily Percent Level To next level
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Amount of investments in USD

The more GH/s you buy, the higher the "LEVEL" account. With each increase in the "LEVEL" account you increase your daily income.
Buy more GH/s and earn 6% maximum on this platform.


Level 1 $0 to $50 3% earnings per day
Level 2 $50.01 to $300 4% earnings per day
Level 3 $300.01 to $800 5% earnings per day
Level 4 $800.01 and more 6% earnings per day

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